About us

Welcome to the website of our company. We are a young dynamic company, which was established on the basis of the joint will of several employees to capitalize on their rich experience in the production of steel structures, pipes and service work in production. Our philosophy is to always listen to the customer's needs and to fulfil their expectations not only by delivering a top quality service but also by respecting the agreed terms and conditions, and this philosophy forms the foundations of our work. We know, that being professional and fair is essential to succeed among the competition.

Our team

The quality of pour products and services is mainly the result of strict and thorough selection of reliable and highly qualified employees. The professional level of our employees is regularly inspected. To keep the required levels of qualification and safety at work, our employees regularly attend training, as requested by national standards as well as EU regulations.

Own staff

  • Welding supervision
    • EWT – European Welding Technologist in accordance with EN 14731
  • Welders
    • STN EN ISO 9606-2: 2015, CS22-COO-07: 2017
  • NDT
    • VT 2 –Visual testing – Level 2, Performed by trained professionals in accordance with European Standard STN EN ISO 9712 and Certification Scheme CS27-COO-07

Company policy

The main principle of our company is the highest level of satisfaction of our customers, which we achieve not only by quality products and provided services, but also by effectively managed support processes. Timeliness, helpfulness and flexibility are an integral part of our business philosophy. The efficiency of own production is controlled by cost controlling.

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Company's policies

Customer satisfaction

  • the main objective of our company is to fulfil the requirements and the wishes of our customers, it is our number one priority
  • maximum customer satisfaction
  • provision of complex services of the highest quality while respecting the principles of health and safety and caring for our environment

Improvement of services offered

  • every worker is aware of the demands and importance of their activities and is responsible for their quality, safety and ecology by their daily work
  • each worker must be professionally qualified and receive the necessary training and education
  • we only cooperate with suppliers who are able to meet the requirements we place on quality, safety and ecology within the services we offer
  • we strive to establish a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership that stabilizes and positively determines the resulting quality of the services we provide

Company orientation

  • every one of our employees is aware of the challenges and the importance of their work and they take responsibility for the quality of service, safety and environment through their everyday actions
  • all our employees must be qualified to perform their professional activities and therefore have access to regular training and education
  • we cooperate exclusively with suppliers, that are able to meet our high requirements when it comes to quality , safety and ecology of the services we provide.
  • we endeavour to form lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships, that stabilise and determine positive results when it comes to quality of our offered services

The policy of quality

Quality first

  • high quality is guaranteed through good work and quality products
  • employees’ qualification and professionalism
  • we realise that the future of our company depends on good quality of all the production processes

Respect for the customer

  • we react to the requirements of our customers immediately and thus deepen our work partnerships
  • we keep close relationships with our clients, which allows us to stay flexible in responding to their needs and expectations
  • in our company, the customer is always the main evaluator of the quality of our business
  • our goal is not merely to attract new customers, but also to keep them happy and to further develop our cooperation

Economy and efficiency

  • our priority is to reduce costs and prevent all forms of inefficiency
  • Regular evaluation creates a tool for measuring work efficiency

Our employees

  • the basic principles of our employees’ performance are as follows: positive attitude, polite communication and good behaviour at work and elsewhere, high professionalism and qualification, reliability and responsibility
  • we motivate our employees to provide quality service through creating opportunities for higher pay rates
  • we appreciate our professional and creative employees

Environmental policies

  • we comply with the applicable environmental legislation and other environmental regulations and requirements
  • we reduce costs by saving energy and we use natural resources
  • we deal with past environmental burdens
  • we rationalise waste management (reuse, recycle…)
  • we educate our employees in environmental matters

Health and safety policy

At WTM metal, we consider social responsibility a crucial issue. We are convinced that the corporate culture of a company focused on employees leads to long-term success of the company. Safety and health at work are the core value of our company.

Our commitment to zero health is based on the belief that all accidents and occupational diseases of all employees and contractors can be prevented in the long term by minimizing risks.

In order to continuously improve our results, we implement OSH through appropriate management systems. Their key components are in particular:

Setting clear objectives and related action plans to achieve them.

Ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, safe equipment and safe working practices and habits based on the results of regularly reviewed risk assessments.

Training of employees in health and safety issues. The aim is to instill in employees the right habits and knowledge that will lead to safe performance of their duties.

Regular review and evaluation of the working environment and working practices to ensure their compliance with internal and external regulations and requirements.

Supervision, analysis and comparison of OSH results and procedures against target requirements.

WTM metal rules:

To ensure the safety of our employees and contractors, all persons are obliged to wear the prescribed protective equipment.

In addition, all employees and contractors who work for us must also comply with the following basic rules:

  • All PPE required for the job must be properly used.
  • Prior to commencing work on the equipment, the equipment must be separated from all energy sources and subsequently checked to ensure that it cannot be started or moved while performing work.
  • The guards must be reattached in place before (re) starting the device.
  • Access to confined spaces is allowed only to authorized persons with appropriate permission to work with the signature of the responsible superior employee.

In order to learn from all work-related accidents and safety violations and to provide corrective actions, all accidents must be reported and root cause analysis performed.

Any violation of these rules will not be tolerated.

Function and responsibility

WTM metal is responsible for occupational health and safety within their area of ​​responsibility. At the same time, we emphasize the duty of every employee, contractor and visitor to observe the rules of safety at work and thus to ensure their own safety and the safety of co-workers. The issue of occupational safety and health is the most important for me, and I expect the same from everyone else. Only by working together can we achieve our goal of working without harming health.

Statutory obligation

  • Increase and continuously improve the level of occupational health and safety management in order to eliminate potential health threats due to technological processes, technical equipment, human factor and working environment.
  • Based on the identified hazards, threats and risks, create working conditions in order to eliminate all adverse risks causing harm.
  • In the introduction of new technologies and equipment upgrades, effective means of systematically reduce the sources of health-damaging factors of the working environment.
  • Provide training, qualifications and employee awareness, leading to safe work and health protection. Educate to use good and safe working practices.

Long-term goals of OSH

  • Increase and continually improve the level of OSH management in order to reduce potential health hazards due to technical equipment, human activities and the working environment.
  • Check and require compliance with applicable legal and other regulations to ensure OHS.
  • Provide and plan adequate material resources to ensure the safety and health of employees, allocate funds to the OSH policy implementation program.
  • Inform employees about the actual state of health and safety at work, especially in the area of ​​workplace risk elimination.
  • To enable employees to comment on OSH issues.

Our offer

Custom metalwork

  • steps, platforms, steel elements, grilles, railings
  • small lifting devices, fire ladders, bridges, staircases
All steel elements can be delivered with required surface finish:
  • painted
  • galvanised
  • stainless

Atypical production

  • production of single-purpose machines
  • special atypical custom production

Production and maintenance of steel structures

  • steel structures
  • pipeline bridges, platforms
  • supporting structures
  • cladding of steel structures
All steel structures can be delivered with required surface finish:
  • painted
  • galvanised
  • stainless

Design and provision of project documentation

  • turnkey preparation of project and production documentation
  • completion of statics reports
  • statics assessment of existing buildings

Construction work

  • construction work
  • complete masonry work, ironwork and concrete work
  • all technical facilities of the objects
  • repairs and remodeling of objects
  • repairs and reconstruction of distribution lines
  • interiors built-in

Technological units

  • installation of production technologies
  • relocation and disposal of production technologies
  • maintenance of technological equipment
  • stainless steel technology and pipes
  • assembly of conveyors
  • assembly of production technological units

Year round maintenance of premises

  • we provide continuous maintenance of premises
  • we provide continuous emergency services in production plants

Welding work

  • Scope of welding personnel approval according to STN EN ISO 9606-1.
State exam:
  • Method 141 - Arc welding with non-consumable electrodes in inert gas - TIG
  • Method 135 - Arc welding with consumable electrodes in active gas - MAG
  • Method 136 - Arched welding wit tubular cored electrode in active gas
  • Method 311 - Flame welding
  • Method 111 - Manual arc welding with a coated electrode - MMA

Production and installation of pipelines

  • production and installation of pipelines
  • pipeline repair and reconstruction
  • stainless pipelines
  • cooling and air conditioning pipelines
  • installation of ventilation equipment


  • disassembly of technological units and pipelines
  • disassembly of structures and other steel elements



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